7.4 Opening doors


Matthew Evans, Director at 7.4 reports here on the success of their recent open day…

We’re pleased to say that the 7.4 Open Day (29 January) was a great success. The aim was to offer attendees some insights into the world of medical communications and the life of a medical writer here at 7.4. For us, it provided a great opportunity for our team to chat to prospective writer candidates, reflecting our inclusive approach to recruitment. In addition, we think it’s vital that, as an industry, we continue to look for innovative ways to bring in high-quality candidates and develop their skills. Everyone knows how in-demand experienced writers are across medcomms, and we all need to do our bit to keep the supply well stocked.

The process showed that there is great interest in medical writing as a career. We had over 35 applicants, and those who excelled at the writing test were invited along to the Open Day at our office in Summertown in Oxford.

Thanks to all the attendees for their interest, insightful questions, and willingness to get stuck in. It was a busy day, with presentations, discussion sessions, and a group exercise involving some data visualisation challenges.

We’re delighted to have received great feedback from all who came, saying that they found the event both informative and enjoyable. Thanks also to the 7.4 team who generously gave their time, who all agreed that the event was definitely worthwhile.

We are progressing to interviews with several of the attendees and already have one new starter lined up, so we can certainly recommend it as a process. We look forward to doing it again in the future!

[Find out more about 7.4 here]

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