From academia to MedComms

simon_wigfieldSimon Wigfield has recently started as a Trainee Medical Writer at Caudex…

I have been working for Caudex for a little under 2 months now. I came into MedComms after 15 years in academia. I really enjoyed research, but the lack of career structure and the squeezing of funding lead to me search for alternatives. It was after attending one of the MedComms events run in Oxford that I decided that this was the next move for me. The promise of a career structure, a reward for hard work but also still being involved with cutting edge research was the clincher for me.

I started working for Caudex at the same time as four other trainees, five including one who started 2 months before us. We have all been immersed into the Caudex trainee medical writer programme, which has given us a valuable insight into how not only MedComms works but how Caudex operate too. During this time we have not only forged good relationships with each other but also from everyone at Caudex. We have been made welcome by everyone, and being the new kids on the block we are seen as an asset rather than a hindrance. It’s a very friendly atmosphere, and everyone is so willing to help. After 6 weeks of working at Caudex I have already worked on many different therapy areas from oncology, to arthritis, MS to ADHD. We have also been introduced to the importance of timesheets, skype, PowerPoint, word, coffee runs and did I mention timesheets!!

The move into MedComms, more specifically Caudex, was for me very careful and well thought out and I have to say it’s the best career decision I have made. A very enjoyable experience and highly recommended for anyone who is thinking of taking the plunge!

[Find out more about Caudex]

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