Starting out in Client Services

kieran_milwardKieran Milward has recently started out as an Account Co-Ordinator at Caudex…

Starting a new job can be a nerve jangling experience, especially if you are heading into a new field, like I was. Coming in from a journalistic and more media based client service background, I had little to no knowledge of how the MedComms world turned, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would I be expected to know any science? (Looking back at my C in GCSE with particular trepidation!) Would I be diving straight in to client facing situations?

As it turns out, I had no reason to be fretful at all and I was staggered by the amount of detail and planning that goes into inducting new starters at Caudex. It is certainly not a level of support and learning that I had ever encountered before when starting a new job.

The training has been well balanced between learning on the job and well-structured training sessions with senior team members to give me the best platform from which to kick start my career here. In fact, the aspect that has struck me most is the willingness of the company to make sure that staff get as much experience in all different areas of MedComms as possible and how easy it is for staff to be able to try something different with no scrutiny, it’s a real bonus to have that flexibility!

Only two months in, I feel like I have developed a plethora of new skills, I’ve got stuck in with helping organise events and ad boards for clients, started to gain an understanding of manuscript development and submission processes and further improved on the client service skills that I bought into the role. I always like to go home in the evening feeling like I have learned something and although the learning curve has been steep, it has been made extremely manageable and enjoyable thus far.

I cannot wait to continue my learning into the future and progress my career in MedComms!

[Find out more about Caudex]

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