Training as a medical writer

amy_hollowayAmy Holloway has recently started as a Trainee Medical Writer at Caudex…

After I completed my PhD in Medical Sciences, I knew that I didn’t belong in a lab – I was one of those people that enjoyed collating all my research in writing my thesis than actually doing lab work. So when I finished, I looked for job that would allow me to use my scientific knowledge and to keep up-to-date with scientific developments. Working as an editor for a science journal ticked these boxes for a time, but eventually I wanted something with more variety, greater opportunity for progression and faster pace. Medical writing was something I’d heard about at various career events as I was completing my PhD, so I started looking into opportunities. After successful completion of a writing test and an interview (accompanied by an on-site test), I excitedly (and with a healthy dose of trepidation!) accepted a trainee medical writer positon with Caudex.

Training with Caudex involves time specifically set aside during the initial months to complete training assignments in preparation for live account work. After being with Caudex for ~6 weeks, we (the trainees) have started to work on live accounts. I’m currently working in medical affairs – a side of MedComms that was less familiar to me – and I’m enjoying the variety: one day I’m updating slide decks, another I’m generating newsletter and email content, and the next providing research support to senior staff. I’m learning something new every day and appreciating the challenges of being a trainee writer.

So far, everything I read about a career in MedComms seems to be true, particularly the rapidly changing work priorities and the quick deadlines, but it’s an interesting and stimulating environment. I’m only a little over a month in, but I look forward to future projects and to becoming a fully-fledged writer with Caudex.

[Find out more about Caudex]

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