Reflecting on the Nucleus Global Academy

Picture1Manoshi Nath has recently been through the Nucleus Global Academy, and is now working as an Associate Medical Writer at Articulate Science.

Since finishing my MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield, I had been searching for an opportunity that would take me away from the lab while still letting me apply my scientific background. I had heard the term ‘medcomms’ being mentioned in conversations when talking to my peers about plans after university. Although it sounded like something I would genuinely enjoy doing, after a few unsuccessful applications I ended up settling for a research analyst’s job. However, 9 months later I have moved away from my previous role, ready to jump head first into the exciting entry-level Academy Scheme at Nucleus Global. I still can’t quite believe it, and I couldn’t be happier to be the first intake on this new initiative!

The Nucleus Academy, which I attended during the first 6 months of my permanent job at Nucleus, involves an 8-week training period, alternating between classroom sessions and agency work, followed by 4 months’ on-the-job training. As soon as I enrolled onto the programme with the 18 other trainees, I immediately felt a sense of comfort, knowing we were all in the same boat. From Day 1, the programme leaders and managers seemed very much invested in our personal growth, and no question was too silly to ask. It became apparent to me very early on that this was a nurturing but stimulating work environment; one where I could make mistakes, but – more importantly – learn from them, to build a solid foundation for my career ahead.

The classroom sessions have been instrumental in giving us an insight into the world of medical communications, and how the various departments make up Nucleus Global as a company. It has also been great to get to know people from across the business, and you can clearly tell how much effort and thought has been put into making these sessions as useful as possible. Although it has been an intense few weeks, the level of passion and enthusiasm with which we have been taught means it has also been a great deal of fun! A large spectrum of topics from both the writing and commercial side of the industry has been covered, from publications planning to health compliance and how to build successful relationships with authors and clients. All have been vital in increasing our awareness of the ethics and responsibilities of working in healthcare communications, while always having the aim of making a real difference to patients’ lives through our work. One of the greatest aspects of the scheme is that we all come from different academic/professional backgrounds; this has led to many interesting and engaging discussions where we have been able to learn from each other, along with helping develop close friendships.

Being part of the Nucleus Academy has undoubtedly improved my knowledge and confidence before stepping into the real world of the agency, and I highly recommend it to anyone hoping to start out in a career in medical communications. With my training now complete, I am very much looking forward to utilising all the skills I have learnt, and becoming a full-time member of the team!

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