My first medcomms job

Emma PerryEmma Perry, a Senior Account Executive at Publicis Resolute, has written an acrostic, spelling out her enthusiasm for medical communications…

Many people ask me how I started working in medical communications, and the answer is quite straightforward.

Essentially, I really enjoyed the fast-paced environment and day-to-day variety in my previous PR agency, but I missed the science!

Determined to find a job where I could combine my passion for health with my love of creative writing,

I applied for a job at Publicis Resolute after seeing an open role on LinkedIn.

Catapult to 11 months later…

And here I am, now as Senior Account Executive (SAE) at Publicis Resolute,

Learning more and more each day and absolutely loving it.


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, from our partnerships with our clients, to working cross-functionally with our teams internally;

Our work is the result of a wonderfully diverse mix of brains and talents!

My role as a SAE is largely project management focused, and it is challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

My weeks are always varied but there are always plenty of team meetings and client teleconferences, which are a great way of driving projects forward and keeping everyone updated.

Usually I will give project status and budget updates to more senior team members as well.

Not only do I have the opportunity to learn about so many different and interesting therapy areas from a medical perspective,

I have also been part of the creative process for some brilliant disease awareness campaigns.  

Communicating such life changing work, and seeing the benefit that it has for patients is truly inspiring.

At times, having to juggle working across multiple accounts can be challenging, especially if they are all busy at the same time, but it is always worth it when you see the end result.

There is the potential to get so much out of this job and really grow professionally if you are genuinely passionate about the work you are doing. 

If you are looking for a job that emphasises teamwork, inspires you to be curious about the world around you and challenges you to be strategic and imaginative in your work, then medical communications could be for you.

Organisation, the ability to adapt and problem-solve, and having a positive, can-do attitude are definitely qualities that will help you to succeed in this role.

Now really is the best time to start a career in medical communications because there are so many exciting things happening in healthcare right now.

So if you feel inspired, why not give it a go and apply for a job. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

[Find out more about Publicis Resolute]

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