Careers guide – account management

account_managers_369x524The business of medical communications: a guide to getting started in account management

By Lindsey Heer, published January 2022 [Download your copy]

As we explain in this guide, the terminology, job titles and specific roles of account managers or project managers in MedComms agencies can vary, but effective account management is always critical. This new guide helps explain how that happens in practice and provides you with an understanding of both the challenges and the rewards that come from a career in MedComms. We believe reading this guide will give you the edge to getting that first job.

This issue includes nine personal profiles written by current specialists in leading MedComms agencies, describing their personal journeys into MedComms and the day-to-day work they now do, and an up-to-date directory of agency contacts.

This careers guide about account management is freely available here, published by NetworkPharma Ltd in January 2022.


About the author; Lindsey Heer

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After 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, glimpses of agency life convinced me to move into medical communications in 2003, where I have happily resided ever since.

At Envision Pharma and 7.4 Limited, I embraced account management as an opportunity to help build a business, see the world and maintain my keen interest in healthcare. By working hard and learning from truly remarkable colleagues, I was leading the commercial team at 7.4 by 2012. As Client Services Director, I focused on line management, trainee recruitment and developing the team around me.

After a brief venture into freelancing, during which time I wrote this guide, I was keen to reignite my career progression. Now, as a Division Head in a much larger and more varied Envision Pharma Group than the one I left 10 years ago, it is clear that the diversification of our work into patient engagement, multichannel communications and health economics reflects the dynamic nature of healthcare, and there is plenty to challenge, interest and impress me each day.

That is the abridged story so far, and I am delighted to have this chance to offer the best guidance I can on starting out in account management, based on years of finding and working with many bright, capable and inspiring people… perhaps people just like you?


Please note this publication is one of series of valuable careers guides written by specialists in their field – see other titles here

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