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Whilst preparing the new issue of our latest careers guide, Evidence generation and communication: a guide to getting started in HEOR/market access medical writing (published June 2022)  we invited people working in HEOR/market access to tell us why they are doing so….

“I work in HEOR/market access as it allows me to combine my passions for scientific research and creative thinking and apply them in a way that may significantly impact patient care. As a medical writer, I work on a variety of projects and disease indications, so every day is different and full of interesting new challenges. The role offers a continuous flow of learning and the ability to gain a diverse range of new skills.”
Jen Ferris, Medical Writer at Source Health Economics

“I work in HEOR/market access because I enjoy translating complex scientific data into compelling evidence-based messages that ultimately help patients to gain access to better treatments. I love working across a diverse range of disease areas and collaborating with colleagues and client teams to tackle challenges and produce creative solutions.”
Rosie Greatrex, Senior Market Access Writer at redthread market access

“I work in HEOR/market access as it’s a career that offers a unique opportunity to work with pharmaceutical companies around the world to support patient access to novel, life-changing therapies. The variety in deliverables, therapy areas and clients means that every day is different, and a new challenge is always just around the corner.”
Scott Higgins at AMICULUM Access

“I work in HEOR/market access because every day brings new challenges; I am constantly learning about novel and exciting healthcare interventions, and applying transferable skills learned during my PhD as well as new skills learned during my time so far as a medical writer. The opportunity to work across a broad range of deliverables, including health technology assessments, global value dossiers, posters and manuscripts, means no 2 days are the same! Ultimately, it is extremely rewarding, in close collaboration with colleagues and clients, to play a part in helping patients access novel therapies.”
Emma Lones, Medical Writer at Source Health Economics

“I work in HEOR/market access because it involves an ever-changing landscape of different projects and disease areas. I learn something new every day and love becoming an expert in a specific disease area for a few months before moving onto the next challenge. Working in market access allows me to combine the scientific knowledge I developed through my degree with critical thinking and commercial awareness to benefit the world of medicine.”
Tom Metcalf, Value Analyst at Adelphi Values | PROVE

“I work in HEOR/market access because it never fails to present new challenges and opportunities to learn. My workload is always diverse, involving a range of project types in a variety of disease areas. Each project aims to provide bespoke solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs, allowing me to develop my business acumen while striving to achieve the overall goal of improving patient lives.”
Gillian Nicol, Senior Value Analyst at Adelphi Values | PROVE

“I work in HEOR/market access because it gives me the opportunity to be curious. The variety of therapy areas and types of deliverables means I am constantly learning something new or applying my knowledge/experiences in unusual ways. The work is also incredibly rewarding, as a lot of what we do contributes towards patients receiving novel treatments, which hopefully improve their lives.”
Dom Partridge, Medical Writer at Source Health Economics

“I work in HEOR/market access because it allows me to expand my scientific knowledge and academic skills in a variety of projects across many disease and therapeutic areas. It is fascinating to learn about different aspects of healthcare technologies, as well as effective value communication, which will help to provide patient access to new medicines.”
Eva Wan Ying So, Associate Medical Writer at Source Health Economics

“I work in HEOR/market access because of the flexibility and variety of work, while at the same time enjoying the challenge of mastering scientific and technical aspects and winning the trust of each client. Each working day brings new science and new techniques, and I’m constantly stimulated by the mix of science and business.”
Robin Wyn, Senior Technical Value Analyst at Adelphi Values | PROVE

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