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Relevant upcoming careers events:

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Webinar: Working in MedComms at McCann Health Medical Communications
Date: 13 November 2019
Venue: Global
[see programme and registration details here]

Webinar: Working in MedComms at Envision Pharma Group
Date: 20 November 2019
Venue: Global
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FirstMedCommsJob: Introduction to MedComms
Date: 16 January 2020
Venue: Medical Sciences Teaching Sciences Centre (MSTC), South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3P
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Careers guide – A writer’s role in drug development

regulatory_writers_cover_369x520A writer’s role in drug development: a guide to getting started in regulatory medical writing

By Dr Debbie Brix Reynolds, 1st edition published September 2019

This guide aims to provide an insight into regulatory medical writing with a focus on drug development as opposed to medical devices, although writers work in both areas. It explores the roles and attributes of the writer, tips on winning your first regulatory writing role and help in deciding whether this would be the career for you, drawing comparisons with working in MedComms.

The 1st edition of this careers guide about regulatory medical writing is freely available here, published by Burntsky Ltd in September 2019, and it will now be updated every year.

Pubication of this careers guide has been supported by Insight Medical Writing. Continue reading

I work in HEOR/market access…

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 11.11.10

Whilst preparing the new issue of our latest careers guide, Evidence generation and communication: a guide to getting started in HEOR/market access medical writing (published June 2019)  we invited people working in HEOR/market access to tell us why they are doing so….

“I work in HEOR/market access because I want to help deliver promising therapies to patients. It’s exciting to read in the news that a product my team worked on has reached the market and now helps patients to address their needs.”

Federica Benassi, Consultant at Valid Insight

“I work in HEOR/market access consulting because I enjoy finding creative, novel approaches to communicating the value of new technologies at a global, European and UK level. The work is incredibly varied, ranging from the development of detailed, fully-referenced value dossiers to visually impactful presentations, and bespoke cost-effectiveness and budget impact models. Ultimately, I enjoy contributing to improved healthcare and helping patients gain access to the therapies that they need.”

Tom Blaikie, Market Access Consultant at OPEN VIE (Part of the OPEN Health Group) Continue reading

Inside the award-winning Allegro Programme

image1This article has been contributed by Deborah Porter, an Associate Medical Writer at Ashfield Healthcare Communications.

As someone who has spent their entire working life in the NHS, I thought I was a bit long‑in‑the‑tooth for a change of career. For years I had wanted to take a different path in my scientific journey, but never quite found the courage. Then, at the start of 2019, I decided I was going to be brave and go for it. I knew I wanted to stay in science and that I wanted to write, so it seemed like a good choice to become a medical writer. I began applying for Associate Medical Writer positions, and was lucky enough to catch the attention of the Allegro team at Ashfield Healthcare Communications. Continue reading

Working in client services with inScience Communications

In this webinar, we’re joined by Neil Godlieb (Group Account Director), Mike Nixon (Group Account Director), Jordan Jones (Account Executive) and Kate Badley (Account Executive) from inScience Communications, part of the Springer Nature group. They talk specifically about working in client services teams, providing account management and project management skills alongside their editorial colleagues to deliver client solutions. What do they look for in entry-level staff, what training is provided and what are the career prospects? It should be of interest to anyone who is looking for insights in to MedComms as a career and how to maximise their chances of gaining an entry level job. And we answer questions from the audience.

Recorded 19 June 2019 as a MedComms Networking webinar. Produced by NetworkPharma.tv Continue reading