The business of medical communications: A guide to getting started in account management

Lindsey Heer, an independent medcomms specialist, provides an overview of the medcomms business and of the role of account and project managers in ensuring project delivery on time and to budget.

Read the accompanying careers guide, The business of medical communications: A guide to getting started in account management, here.

Recorded 7 March 2018 at a MedComms Networking event in Oxford. Produced by

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Six things I’ve learned about writing since moving into medcomms


Krish Kapoor, a medical writer at Cello Health Cypher reflects on starting her career in MedComms…

This week marks my 2 year anniversary of starting out in medical writing. If you know me IRL (or if you’ve skimmed my LinkedIn profile), you’ll know that before moving into medcomms I was a research scientist, first in academia, then in the commercial sector. Joining the medcomms industry has been a huge learning curve for me, and I wanted to share some key points on writing for anyone else thinking of a career in the same field.

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Medical Writing: The Backbone of Clinical Development

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ICT, in partnership with Trilogy Writing & Consulting, have gathered medical writing experts from around the world to help create a definitive guide to medical documentation and the various challenges of developing it.

The carefully selected and esteemed contributors are thought leaders from across the pharmaceutical and medical writing sector. Their articles raise much-needed awareness of what is required and how best to go about producing accurate, well-written documentation.

Whether you already are or intend to become a medical writer – or if you simply need your medicinal product or clinical trial documented – we hope that you will find valuable advice and practical tips in these pages, and wish you to keep it as a handy reference.


Successful internships: a company perspective


Costello Medical Consulting have been running an internship programme since 2012 and this is described in the following article, which was previously published in the Journal of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA); Medical Writing, Volume 25 issue 3, September 2016.

Authors; Debbie Nixon and Sophie Pearson of Costello Medical Consulting

Medical communications is a rapidly growing industry and competition for experienced recruits is often fierce. Paradoxically, however, ‘getting your foot in the door’ can be very difficult for those without formal medical writing experience. Thus, for applicants wishing to embark on a career in medical communications, prior experience can strengthen a candidate’s CV and provide them with an invaluable insight into the day-to-day life of a medical writer.

In lieu of previous employment in the medical writing field, a well-structured internship should also enable the intern to sharpen their writing and editorial skills, whilst learning more about the healthcare industry in general, ultimately increasing their chances of finding a suitable job in medical communications. There are also notable benefits for the host company, since the additional resource provided by interns can make important contributions to project work, easing the workloads of perm- anent staff, and provide opportunities to staff members looking for line management experience. Moreover, a successful period of on-the-job training and development of a core set of medical writing skills may result in the offer of a permanent position with the host company or elsewhere.

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