From graduation to medical communications


Nina Bull describes her experience, six months after starting work as an Account Executive at Porterhouse Medical.

During my final year of studying biochemistry at the University of Bath, I started applying for graduate jobs but found it difficult to find one I liked the sound of. Having realised that I didn’t enjoy lab work, in my third year I had undertaken an office-based placement doing clinical study management at a pharmaceutical company. I felt that I thrived in the office environment, but found the role quite slow-paced. However, I wasn’t aware of similar jobs in which I could use the knowledge and skills I’d gained from my science degree.

On a trip home for Christmas, I spoke to a friend who had studied biology at university and was now working for a medical communications agency, which prompted me to look into this industry. From what I could see, it seemed like exactly what I was searching for.

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My internship in medical communications

Elliott - thumbs up

Elliott Gray, Intern at Porterhouse Medical reflects on his recent work experience.

I’m now five months into my one-year internship at Porterhouse Medical, and I couldn’t be enjoying it more.

Although I’ve always enjoyed science, I knew that a lab-based placement year wouldn’t be for me. However, I recognised that taking a year out from my studies would still be an opportunity to try something new. Outside of academic study I’m very sociable and enjoy engaging with other people, and so a role in medical communications seemed like a natural fit for me.

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Life as a new Associate Medical Writer by Emily Fisher


I am now seven weeks in to my role as an Associate Medical Writer at CircleScience, one of the agencies within Ashfield Healthcare Communications, part of UDG Healthcare plc. As expected my first few weeks have been a whirlwind of information and training.

Since my first week, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a range of projects, on a variety of disease and therapy areas. Already, after seven weeks of work, I’ve gained experience in many different types of scientific writing, from reviews to slide decks to paper summaries. In a short space of time, I’ve been given a large amount of guidance and developed many new writing techniques which has really improved my writing skills. I receive constructive feedback on all of my work, which is always very clearly explained. At first, I was worried that this would seem like criticism, but it doesn’t. I’m always praised for things I’ve done well, and any suggested improvements are always thoroughly explained, so that I can incorporate them into future writing and, ultimately, improve my technique. I’m now gaining more confidence, greater responsibility and starting to take control of my own projects, with constant guidance of course!

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My thoughts on medical writing: Three months in

maxwell_221116I’m Ellen Maxwell, and I started working as an Associate Medical Writer with QXV Communications (an Ashfield Healthcare Communications agency, part of UDG Healthcare plc) three months ago after attending the Ashfield Medical Writer’s Assessment Centre.

It was only two months prior to this that I discovered the world of medical communications – or “medcomms” to the insiders. I was working as a frustrated post-doc in cancer biology and started to do a lot of reading into the field. After attending a few career events and getting in touch with medical writers via LinkedIn to get an insight into their working lives, I decided this was a career with fantastic prospects and a great opportunity to work on ground-breaking drugs in therapeutic areas that directly affect patients’ lives.

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The Ashfield AMW Assessment Centre – My inside story by Emily Fisher (Associate Medical Writer)

dscf4415When it came to searching for a job at the end of my degree and with graduation looming, I knew that any career I pursued needed to involve the crucial aspect of writing. Although I loved lab work, my favourite part of any project was always writing it up. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to consolidate everything I had done and achieved into one piece of writing.

I also wanted to work in a fast-paced varied environment that not only utilised both my love of writing and science, but allowed me to work on exciting and innovative developments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Taking all of this into account, it seemed natural for me to try and pursue a career in medical writing.

Having researched medical communications companies surrounding the Manchester area, I stumbled upon the Ashfield Healthcare website. I decided to do some research on Ashfield Healthcare and discovered the extent to which they are leaders in healthcare l communications partnering with the pharmaceutical industry. The idea of being a part of such a world-class company was something that I found very exciting. I also believed that my values closely matched those of the Ashfield way: Quality, Partnership, Ingenuity, Expertise and Energy. It seemed like an ideal match, so I didn’t hesitate to apply when I saw a vacancy for an Associate Medical Writer.

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An Internship in MedComms with Highfield Communication

callum-ingramCallum Ingram, Intern Trainee Account Executive at Highfield Communication reflects on his recent work experience.

You’ve left university, maybe you know what you want to do with your hard-earned degree. Maybe you don’t. You’ve finished your last exam or handed in your last assignment, but when all the celebrations have finished, the same question remains, what do you do now?

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