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Previously we used temp agencies to fill gaps in particularly busy periods of time, helping to cover tasks such as referencing, fact checking etc. However, we’ve recently had a great deal of success by sending out messages to people who have registered on FirstMedCommsJob. We offer people paid placements ranging from 2-8 weeks which gives them invaluable experience of working for a MedComms agency which they can put on their CV when searching for their first permanent job, whilst we get the benefit of working with bright, enthusiastic people who make an effort to impress. It’s a clear win-win situation and one that we will look to use further as we go forward.

November 2016: Matt McGinley, Human Resources Manager, inVentiv Medical Communications

“Thanks so much, Peter; we promote this extensively at the University of Birmingham. Such a great resource! We have a lot of undergraduates and post-graduates keen to explore the range of careers and the presentations are excellent.”

August 2016: Jenny Mullins-White, Careers Consultant – Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham