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The guide, “From academic to medical writer”, is the best we have ever found on moving to medcomms from research

December 2018: Anne Forde, Postdoc Careers Adviser, University of Cambridge

“The MedComms Careers Guide has helped me through every step of the process in applying for a job in medical communications, from choosing the right role for me to interview preparation. The guide helped me to confidently answer questions in interviews about the industry and why I wanted to be a part of it. Not many other industries have such a valuable resource such as this.”

December 2018: Katherine Hardy, PhD student, University of Sheffield

“As a student who is about to graduate, your careers guide about medical writing was an invaluable resource for me to gain information about what a job in medcomms entails, what companies look for in an employee, and the different companies that there are. I know it would’ve been so much harder to find this information without the FirstMedCommsJob website, and this service has really cemented the fact that I want to pursue this as a career.”

December 2018: Beth MacLeod, Neurosciences Student at University of Dundee

“Many of my students have downloaded the FirstMedCommsJob careers guides and appreciated the clear description of the variety of job roles across the sector.”

November 2018: Jenny Mullins-White, Careers Consultant at University of Birmingham

“I’ve found lots of the resources on your FirstMedCommsJob site extremely useful. I came across the careers guide while searching for possible industries to move into after my PhD, and the testimonials from people who had made the switch were really informative. They helped me decide that I want to start a career in medical communications. Since then I’ve been referring back to the careers guides so I can ask the right questions when speaking with agencies, in order to find a role that will be a good fit for me.”

November 2018: Poppy Sharp, PhD candidate and MedComms job seeker

Now that our latest recruitment drive is complete, I’d like to share with you the first concrete outcome of Wickenstones’ attendance at the FirstMedCommsJob careers event in London this June. Overall Wickenstones’ attendance yielded most positive results – we spoke to at least 20-30 delegates on the day, of which 5 sent or handed in their CVs and 3 passed a writing test with impressive results. We interviewed the 3 selected candidates and were spoiled for choice. Yesterday, the best of the 3 candidates started a junior writing position at Wickenstones. Thanks again for organising the careers event. It was indeed quite a tough day, be we found it most effective at finding the right candidate for our writing position.

August 2018: Alysia Battersby, Associate, Wickenstones

Previously we used temp agencies to fill gaps in particularly busy periods of time, helping to cover tasks such as referencing, fact checking etc. However, we’ve recently had a great deal of success by sending out messages to people who have registered on FirstMedCommsJob. We offer people paid placements ranging from 2-8 weeks which gives them invaluable experience of working for a MedComms agency which they can put on their CV when searching for their first permanent job, whilst we get the benefit of working with bright, enthusiastic people who make an effort to impress. It’s a clear win-win situation and one that we will look to use further as we go forward.

November 2016: Matt McGinley, Human Resources Manager, inVentiv Medical Communications

“Thanks so much, Peter; we promote this FirstMedCommsJob.com resource extensively at the University of Birmingham. Such a great resource! We have a lot of undergraduates and post-graduates keen to explore the range of careers and the presentations are excellent.”

August 2016: Jenny Mullins-White, Careers Consultant at University of Birmingham