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We’re here to help you learn about careers in MedComms and then, if you decide it’s of interest, to help you get your first job! Good luck.

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Upcoming events

Relevant upcoming careers events:

FirstMedCommsJob Webinar: Specialising in HEOR/Market Access medical writing with DRG Abacus
Date: 12.00 BST, 1 May 2019
Venue: Global
[see programme and registration details here]

FirstMedCommsJob Webinar: In conversation with the medical writers
Date: 12.00 BST, 8 May 2019
Venue: Global
[see programme and registration details here]

Careers Event: Meet the agencies
Date: 13 May 2019
Venue: The Careers Service, 56 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PA
[see programme and registration details here]

Open Careers Event: Introduction to MedComms
Date: 20 June 2019
Venue: University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW
[see programme and registration details here]

Writing skills for medical writers: what MedComms agencies expect
Date: 4 July 2019
Venue: The Windsor Centre, 15-29 Windsor Street, London, N1 8QG
[see programme and registration details here]

Open Careers Event: Introduction to MedComms
Date: 10 September 2019
Venue: University of Manchester Sackville Street Building, Sackville Street, M1 3NJ
[see programme and registration details here]

Life as a senior medical writer

David Griffiths

David Griffiths, Senior Medical Writer at Bioscript, writes about his day which he describes as comprising “technical excellence and tea-fuelled multitasking”…

The first thing I like to do when I arrive at my desk in a morning is check my emails and update my to-do list from yesterday afternoon, based on anything that’s come in overnight. Sometimes there’s lots of messages, particularly during busy periods in preparation for congresses, but fortunately there’s just a few additional actions for me today.

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I work in MedCommms…

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 13.25.34

Whilst preparing the new issue of our latest careers guide, From academic to medical writer: a guide to getting started in medical communications (published March 2019)  we invited people working in medical writing and editing positions in MedComms to tell us why they are doing so….

“I work in MedComms because I get to be a scientist, a writer, a designer, a project manager and a member of a great team every day!”

Marc Astick, Associate Medical Writer at Real Science

“I work in MedComms because it’s a challenging, fast-paced environment that allows you to get involved in a variety of therapy areas. It also provides great opportunities for career progression.”

Lisa Auker, Senior Medical Writer at Fishawack Communications Continue reading

Careers guide – medical writing

careersguidecover_369x523From academic to medical writer: a guide to getting started in medical communications

By Dr Annick Moon, 11th edition published March 2019

This guide focuses on medical writing careers in medical communications, in particular in MedComms agencies. The MedComms industry provides consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies, and the role of the medical writer is to use science and language to deliver these services successfully, while working to the highest ethical standards and adhering to industry regulations and guidelines.

The aim of this guide is to give you the information you need to decide if you are suited to the role of medical writer, and to provide the insider knowledge you need to excel at interview.

This issue includes nine personal profiles written by current medical writing specialists in leading MedComms agencies, describing their personal journeys in to MedComms and the day-to-day work they now do as well as an updated directory of agency contacts.

The 11th edition of this careers guide about medical writing is freely available here, published by Burntsky Ltd in March 2019, and it will now be updated every year. Continue reading

The Allegro training programme in practice

In this webinar, we are joined by Katie Johnson, Talent Acquisition Associate at Ashfield Healthcare Communications, Neil Marmont, Programme Director, Allegro and Eleanor Thomas, Medical Writer and graduate from the first full year of the Allegro programme. We hear about the lessons learned from the first year of the Allegro programme for aspiring Medical Writers and about how it will continue to develop and to support the needs of the business – and we answer questions from the audience about working as a medical writer in MedComms. It should be of interest to anyone who is looking for insights in to MedComms as a career and specifically for those of you who are looking for entry-level opportunities in medical writing.

Recorded 14 February 2019 as a FirstMedCommsJob webinar. Produced by NetworkPharma.tv

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Do you need a PhD to get an entry-level job in #MedComms medical writing in the UK?

pal_medcommshatThe question: “Do you need a PhD to get an entry-level job in #MedComms medical writing in the UK?”

The answer: “Possibly. But not necessarily.”

So, that’s crystal clear then! Can we do better?

During January 2019 we collected data on entry-level writers employed by UK MedComms agencies in 2018. The short report was posted on Linkedin and has attracted some useful comments from others.

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