12 Tips To Start Your Life Science Career


Starting out your career in MedComms with little/ no prior industry experience can be daunting as you can never fully be sure of what to expect. The absence of experience in what employers want and need from their employees can make applicants feel unqualified or lacking when applying. However, this is where the benefit of life science recruiters comes in, as they already have insights what of the employer is looking for from you.

Recruiters are able to provide you with a breakdowns of what the employer is asking for in simpler terms, which you can then use to your benefit in the application and interview process

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Preparing for a Face to Face Interview


So, imagine you’ve just gained your degree and have been avidly applying to MedComms roles, whether that be for an editorial position or account executive.

Now a potential employer has liked what they have seen so far with your job application and would now like to meet you for a face to face interview! This is now the perfect opportunity for you to convince those that work at the company that you are the best MedComms candidate for the position.

So how can you put yourself in the best place for consideration within one of these roles? Let us give you some helpful advice and guidance on preparing for the interview that could kickstart your career.

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Constructing a stand-out CV


You might expect job applicants with life sciences degrees or similar to be among the best at producing a standout CV among other professional specialities. However, how you present your skills is not always straightforward, and creating a strong Associate Medical Writer, or Account Executive CV requires a certain level of dedication.

This post will discuss how to write a stand-out MedComms CV

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