Careers guide – medical writing

careersguidecover_369x522From academic to medical writer: a guide to getting started in medical communications

By Dr Annick Moon, published March 2022 [Download your copy]

This guide focuses on medical writing careers in medical communications, in particular in MedComms agencies. The MedComms industry provides consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies, and the role of the medical writer is to use science and language to deliver these services successfully, while working to the highest ethical standards and adhering to industry regulations and guidelines.

The aim of this guide is to give you the information you need to decide if you are suited to the role of medical writer, and to provide the insider knowledge you need to excel at interview.

This issue includes nine personal profiles written by current medical writing specialists in leading MedComms agencies, describing their personal journeys in to MedComms and the day-to-day work they now do as well as an updated directory of agency contacts.

This careers guide about medical writing is freely available here, published by NetworkPharma Ltd in March 2022.


About the author; Annick Moon

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Annick is a freelance medical communications consultant and writer, living and working in Oxford. After gaining a degree and doctorate in physiology from Newcastle, she undertook post-doctoral research at Oxford and Manchester. During her time as an academic, she was an editorial committee member for the Physiological Society’s magazine. Annick started her first job in medical communications in 2001 and worked at various agencies until she set up her freelance business in 2006 providing consultancy and writing services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. She provides medical writing training and has been a regular participant in careers events over the years, talking about the role of the medical writer in MedComms.


Please note this publication is one of series of valuable careers guides written by specialists in their field – see other titles here

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